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Location: La Reserve Paris

Spring and Paris go hand in hand. Surrounded by an abundance of cherry blossom trees, Parisian people dress in lighter tones as the sun is gleaming through the clouds. Mon chéri, it’s always good to be back in Paris.

 A hidden gem hotel in town, La Reserve Paris, nestled in a peaceful location near the world famous Champ-Elysees. The building itself looks rather grandeur with very Haussmann-style apartments along with La Reserve’s signature lacquered red door and velvet curtains which looks very inviting.

The bell-boy ushers me to the most opulent reception room, covered in rich and heavy damask silk, plush Louis XVI furnishing, a marble fireplace and gilt surrounding the ceiling. The atmosphere brings the quintessence of Parisian chic in the Belle Epoque throughout every room including the library, morning room, dining room and bar.

My suite is a dream and is certainly bigger than my apartment in London. I mentioned this to my very own butler, who is unpacking my clothes, whilst giggling. The premier junior suite is surrounded in a light champagne tone blended with almond white and gold. This perfectly suits my taste as it even comes with flowers.

What a view! The suite overlooks the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon and the Concorde obelisk. I have ordered the in house champagne by Michel Reybier, who owns all La Reserve hotels & hospitality. Let’s forget the world for a bit, the spa is calling. The spa is set around the 16 meter indoor pool along, three treatment rooms and a fitness area with a sports coach, creating a peaceful atmosphere. The treatment I had was called deep revival massage which made my body disconnect from stress and put to rest.

Its time to get changed and waltz into my best attire for dinner at the Restaurant Le Gabriel. Le Gabriel, offers contemporary French cuisine inspired by all four seasons. This is not about a delirious avant-garde frenzy, but instead it is a creative way to give each dish the excitement of “a first time”. You ought to check out their menu, take a look here. On February 1st, 2017, Le Gabriel restaurant joined the circle of Michelin two-starred establishments, which is thoroughly deserved.

It’s almost midnight, signalling the end to a perfect day. I open the bedroom french door leading to the balcony. Seeing the Eiffel Tower’s twinkling lights like thousand of diamonds in the sky is such a beautiful way to end your night.

This is one of the most majestic hotels I have ever stayed in. La Reserve will ensure your memories will be treasured forever.

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